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5 Star Rating
Roberta P.
La Pine, OR
7/28/2021 3:41:27 PM
I purchased a Chameleon Vacuum System from Gary's Vacuflo. I can't say enough about this system. I had tried several different high end vacuums to get our Goldendoodle's fine but pointy hair off our large living room area rug. I had finally put it away as it looked like a hair rug. In ONE short vacuuming job, the rug looks brand new. It cleans all our area rugs beautifully including a couple of shag like rugs. We have all hard flooring except the area rugs and the new improved hard surface cleaner gets them super clean and has a feature wherein the bristles go around the edge of the attachment and get the base boards clean without me having to bend over or clean them separately. I think these should be advertised to really impress upon ALL income level household owners that putting in the initial extra money to purchase one would pay for itself over ten years' time trying out all the other vacuums on the market. I wish builders would make these standard equipment. Make sure to order the turbo cat head for vacuuming carpets and the new improved head for hard surfaces.

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2 Star Rating
Jason B.
Goodyear, Arizona
7/27/2021 10:39:25 AM
The system is convenient and works well in most cases. We chose the retractable so we did not have to carry around the hose. Unfortunately the retractable hose system power head does not work well on pet hair on carpet and there is no other power head option for this system. Wish we would have know that before purchasing. Would rate higher if had more power head options.

Response from Chameleon - Thank you for your feedback Jason! We are sorry you are experiencing difficulties with the turbine powerhead. We do have several battery powerhead options (Edge Charge and Volt) that can be used with the Chameleon system which may better suit your needs.

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5 Star Rating
Sarah B.
North Canton, Ohio
6/28/2021 3:10:33 PM
No vacuum is more convenient than Chameleon! I love the fast retraction of the hose and the hose sock protects all of walls and furniture. I could not live without my Chameleon vac.